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Jacques Laudy’s birthday

Jacques Laudy’s birthday

Jacques Laudy’s birthday

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Jacques Laudy (7 April 1907 – 28 July 1993, Belgium) was a comics creator who was the son of two painters.

His career began in 1940 in the French and Flemish editions of “Bravo!”, illustrating stories and drawing features such as ‘Gust le Flibustier’. He introduced his childhood friend Edgar P. Jacobs to the editor and helped start the latter’s career as well.

In 1946, ‘Tintin’ artist Hergé (Georges Rémi) and publisher Raymond Leblanc created Le Lombard to publish the new magazine “Le Journal de Tintin” (in French) and “Kuifje” (in Flemish). The title began with work by Laudy, Jacobs, Paul Cuvelier, and Jacques Van Melkebeke (another personal friend of Laudy) in addition to Hergé.

Laudy’s earliest works in the magazine were ‘Les Quatre Fils Aymon’ (1946–1947) and an adaptation of Walter Scott’s novel about Rob Roy MacGregor (1947–1948).

His best-known work is ‘Hassan et Kaddour’, a historical feature in a “One Thousand and One Nights’ setting.

He also published in “Ons Volkske” (1951–1956) and in “Le Soir” with sporadic historical stories (1956–1965). He drew ‘L’Histoire comique de Charles Quint’ (1954–1955) and comic reworkings of Belgian folk legends (1956–1958) in “Petits Belges/Tremplin”.

Laudy, Jacobs, and Van Melkebeke shared a passion for ancient weaponry. After Laudy left comics in 1962, he painted and he created bagpipes. His portraits include Hergé himself as well as the Emperor and Empress Pahlavi of Iran.

He made or repaired some 200 bagpipes, and one of his creations is held by the Musical Instruments Museum of Brussels.

In 1974, Laudy received the Grand Prix Saint-Michel for his lifetime accomplishments, and a retrospective exhibit was mounted at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in 1992.

Shortly after his death, his semi-autobiographical book “Le Royaume d’Edgar J” was published. It features fictionalized descriptions and watercolors of his friendships with Van Melkebeke and Jacobs and his memories of Edinburgh and the Flemish coastal village Klemskerke, which he regularly visited since his childhood.

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(Laudy created the cover of “Kuifje” #4/1951, 25 January 1951, featuring ‘Hassan et Kaddour’)

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