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Larry Nadolsky’s birthday

Larry Nadolsky’s birthday

Larry Nadolsky’s birthday

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Larry Nadolsky (born 7 April 1957, Canada) is a comics creator whose career began with the self-published “Dean Nova” (1983–1985) and an appearance in “[Comico] Primer”.

In 1986, he had a story in the anthology “Canadian Comics Cavalcade”, and he and writer Philip Hwang published “Hey, Boss!”, a one-shot parody comic.

Nadolsky drew for Revolutionary Comics and its successor Re-Visionary Comics from 1989 to the end of the 1990s.

His work appeared in “Rock N’ Roll Comics” (including every story in the first issue), “Hard Rock Comics”, and other titles.

He also drew for the explicit erotic titles published under the company’s Carnal Comics imprint.

More recently, his stories have appeared in “Heavy Metal”.

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(Nadolsky created the cover of “Galaxy Girl” #1, 1991)

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