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Michael A. Martin’s birthday

Michael A. Martin’s birthday

Michael A. Martin’s birthday

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Michael A. Martin (born 6 April 1964, USA) is a prose and comics author. He began his career collaborating with Andy Mangels on ‘Star Trek’ works in both media.

He joined Mangels on the “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” comic book at Marvel in 1997. They have also written “Star Trek: Enterprise” relaunch novels together.

Martin’s solo novels include the “Star Trek: Enterprise — The Romulan War” duology (2009, 2011) and “Seasons of Light and Darkness” (2014).

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‘Michael Martin’ in the GCD —

‘Michael A. Martin’ in the GCD —

(Terry Pallot penciled and Al Milgrom inked the cover of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” #14, February 1998, which has a story co-written by Martin)

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