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James D. Hudnall’s birthday

James D. Hudnall’s birthday

James D. Hudnall’s birthday

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James D. Hudnall (born 10 April 1957, USA) is a comics creator, writer, and translator.

His career began in 1986 with his own creation, “Espers” (Eclipse, 1986–1987), drawn by David Lloyd. He was also translating manga for Eclipse and Viz, such as “Mai the Psychic Girl”, “Area 88”, and “Pineapple Army”.

At Marvel Comics, Hudnall wrote for “Strikeforce: Morituri” (1988–1989) and “Alpha Flight” (1989–1990).

He created “Interface” (1989–1991) for the Epic imprint, which recapitulated and continued the story of the Espers. He also created the urban fantasy title “Chiller” (1993), drawn by John Ridgway.

In the first half of the 1990s, he also wrote for Malibu’s super-heros. He wrote for titles from “The Solution” to “Hardcase”, and he wrote the “Ultraverse Year Zero: The Death of the Squad” mini-series (1995).

Hudnall revived “Espers” in 1996, as his own publisher (Halloween Comics), with art by Greg Horn. He also created a classic fantasy series, “The Age of Heroes”, with Ridgway.

Both Halloween titles were picked up by Image and continued to the end of the decade. Hudnall also worked on the translation of “Solar Lord” at Image (1999).

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(John Ridgway created the cover art on “The Age of Heroes” #1, 1996)

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