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Peter O’Donnel’s birthday

Peter O'Donnel’s birthday

Peter O’Donnel’s birthday

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Peter O’Donnell (11 April 1920 – 3 May 2010, UK) was a comics writer, novelist, essayist, script-writer, and playwright.

He began his comics career writing for syndicated strips such as ‘Garth’ (1953–1966) and ‘Romeo Brown’ (1956–1962). He adapted the James Bond novel “Dr. No” as a strip (1960).

O’Donnell’s best-known work was the newspaper strip ‘Modesty Blaise’ (1963–2001), drawn first by Jim Holdaway and then by Enrique Badia Romero. It has been translated globally and much of it remains in print.

He wrote a screenplay adaptation in 1965 for a film that ended up using little of his material. He revised it and published it as the first of a dozen novels and short-story collections featuring ‘Modesty Blaise’.

From 1971 to 1986, he also wrote romance adventure novels under the pen-name ‘Madeleine Brent’. He won the 1978 Novel of the Year award from the (UK) Romantic Novelists’ Association for one of them, “Merlin’s Keep”.

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(Dick Giordano created the cover of “Modesty Blaise”, 1994, a book-length new story written by O’Donnell)

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