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Luciana Giussani’s birthday

Luciana Giussani’s birthday

Luciana Giussani’s birthday

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Luciana Giussani (19 April 1928 – 31 March 2001, Italy) was a comics writer and publisher.

In 1962, her sister Angela Giussani (10 June 1922 – 12 February 1987) founded the publishing house Astorina, whose first title was her own creation, “Diabolik”.

Luciana joined the company the following year, also writing for “Diabolik”. She stayed until her retirement in 1999, having taken over as publisher on Angela’s death in 1987.

“Diabolik” was the first Italian comic in pocket-book format. The character is a master thief, created as an anti-hero but over time becoming more inclined to steal from and to thwart only other criminals.

He became very popular and the comic is still published. He has appeared in a movie and on the radio, as a TV series and as an animated TV series, and in a video game.

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(We don’t yet know the cover artist on “Diabolik” v26#1 [#507], January 1987)

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