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Duel of the Mignons

Duel of the Mignons

Duel of the Mignons

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„The mignons were frivolous and fashionable young men, to whom public malignity attributed heterodox sexuality, rumors that some historians have found to be a factor in the disintegration of the late Valois monarchy.”

„And thus, three of the current favourites of the king and three of the discarded ones, now the Duke’s men, decided that Jacques de Lévis remark about a lady of Charles de Balzac’s acquaintance being “rather fair than chaste” called for blood – not because of the said lady’s honour but for de Balzac’s implied dealings with loose females. Not that the reputation of the King’s “Mignons”, his dainty ones, wasn’t bad enough already. Generally regarded as effeminate, overly well-dressed, bejewelled and scented, reputed of various affairs with men and women, most of the current and the ex-Mignons were nonetheless battle-hardened veterans and all of them had been in the wars. The duel itself was supposed to be fought between de Lévis and Balzac, de Maugiron and d’Arcès volunteered to be the seconds of the King’s darling while d’Aydie and de Schomberg accompanied de Balzac. The meeting was arranged to take place at 5’o clock in the morning and as soon as the duellers and their seconds arrived at the Marché aux Chevaux a general melee broke out and all of the men went each other, even though the seconds were actually supposed to be there to ensure a fair fight only.”

#OnThisDay in 1578 The Duel of the Mignons

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