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Carl Friedrich Gauss’ birthday

Carl Friedrich Gauss’ birthday

Carl Friedrich Gauss’ birthday

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Carl Friedrich Gauss’ 240th Birthday (1777)

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician who transformed nearly all areas of mathematics, for which his talent showed from a very early age. For his contributions to theory in magnetism and electricity, a unit of magnetic field has been named the gauss. He devised the method of least squares in statistics, and his Gaussian error curve remains well-known. He anticipated the SI system in his proposal that physical units should be based on a few absolute units such as length, mass and time. In astronomy, he calculated the orbits of the small planets Ceres and Pallas by a new method. He invented the heliotrope for trigonometric determination of the Earth’s shape. With Wilhelm Weber, he developed an electromagnetic telegraph and two magnetometers. Via TiS.

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