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Ștefan Luchian

Ștefan Luchian

Ștefan Luchian

1 February 1868, Ștefănești, Botoșani County – 28 June 1917, Bucharest

Ștefan Luchian was a Romanian painter, famous for his landscapes and still life works.

Luchian studied at the Fine Arts School in Bucharest, where he was encouraged to pursue a career in art by Nicolae Grigorescu, at the Munich Fine Arts Academy and at the Académie Julian, in Paris.

He was one of the main founders of Bucharest’s Salonul Independenţilor, which was opened in front of the official Salon (the Romanian equivalent of the Paris Salon). Two years later, the group led to the creation of Societatea Ileana and its press organ, Ileana, with Luchian as the original illustrator.

After 1900, with a precarious condition and suffering from multiple sclerosis, Luchian came to paint in wheelchair, and brush strapped to the wrist. He died at 48 years.

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Ștefan Luchian


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