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Carl Spitzweg

Selbstportrait Carl Spitzwegs um 1840



Carl Spitzweg

February 5, 1808, Unterpfaffenhofen – September 23, 1885

Carl Spitzweg was a German painter who is recognized as the most representative of the Biedermeier (early Victorian) artists in Germany.


Trained in pharmacy at the University of Vienna, Spitzweg was a pharmacist and newspaper illustrator before becoming a painter in 1833.




Though widely travelled in Europe, he was provincial in his choice of subjects; tenderly, humorously, but with firm control of light, shadow, composition, and detail, he portrayed small town misfits, street musicians, postmen, night watchmen, and lovers bidding farewell.




His paintings inspired the musical comedy Das  kleine Hofkonzert by Edmund Nick.






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