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Today’s Memory – Dinicu Golescu

Dinicu Golescu

7 February 1777, Goleşti, Argeş County – 5 October 1830

Constantin Radovici Golescu a member of the Golescu family of boyars, was a Wallachian Romanian man of letters, mostly noted for his travel writings and journalism.

In 1826, he published an account of his travels through Europe, Însemnarea călătoriei mele (Account of My Travel), which is the first travelogue of a Romanian in Western Europe. He uses his travelogue to study the administration and production systems in various countries, which he describes and recommends through comparisons with the situation at home. One of the founding members of the Bucharest Literary Society (1827), Golescu contributed to the issuing of the first Romanian-language newspaper to be published outside the country, also helped Ion Heliade Rădulescu to launch Curierul Românesc, (1829).

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The bust of Golescu in front of his mansion in Golesti

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