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Today’s Memory – Pyotr Konchalovsky

Pyotr-Konchalovsky - Pyotr-Konchalovsky-Self-portrait-1910

Pyotr Konchalovsky

21 February 1876, Slavianka, Kharkov gubernia (currently Ukraine) – 2 February 1956

Pyotr Konchalovsky was a Russian painter.

Since 1909, he exhibited frequently, participating in the Golden Fleece, Fraternity, Mir Iskusstva and New Society of Artists. He was a founding member of the society Jack of Diamonds (1909). Beginning in 1918 he taught art.

During that period, he mostly drew still lifes and landscapes. His paintings were strongly influenced by Paul Cézanne. Later he started to paint portraits (often Ceremonial Portraits) that were considered as the examples of Socialist Realism style. Pyotr Konchalovsky was a very prolific painter, and is known to have created more than five thousand works.

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