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Today’s Memory – Warrel Dane

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Warrel Dane 1961 2017Warrel Dane

(born Warrel G. Baker; March 7, 1961 – December 13, 2017)

Warrel Dane was an American musician who was the lead singer for the metal bands Sanctuary and Nevermore. He was a natural baritone; though he was known for his high-pitched vocals with Serpent’s Knight and on the first two Sanctuary albums, later in his career, Dane became more notable for his distinctively deep, dramatic voice.

Brother 2008

Dane was trained for five years as an opera singer and utilizes a very broad vocal range (between five and six octaves according to Warrel’s teacher).

Nevermore – What Tomorrow Knows

Dane’s first ever solo record, Praises to the War Machine was released May 13, 2008 on Century Media Records.

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