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Today’s Memory – Silviu Purcărete

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Silviu Purcărete, n.1950Silviu Purcărete

born April 5, 1950, Bucharest

Silviu Purcărete is one of Romania´s top theatre, opera and film directors.

During a career that spans more than 30 years, he made memorable performances especially at the National Theatre of Craiova and, recently, at the National Theatre of Sibiu. His stage productions won many awards and received public recognition on many continents.

He is a member with a personal title of the European Theatres Union, owner of Golden Globe Peter Brook Prize for Best Theatre Director in 1995 and the Hamada Fundation Award for Artistic Excellence (Edinburgh International Festival 1991).

He has celebrated success with both dramas (his acclaimed staging of Faust was all the rage at the 2009 Edinburgh International Festival) and operas (La Bohème and Parsifal, among many others).

His film debut, Somewhere in Palilula, brings together major names from Romanian theatre and film.

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