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Today’s Memory – Church Trei Ierarhi in Iasi

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The construction of Church Trei Ierarhi (Three Hierarchs) in Iasi have been completed

6 May 1639

Trei Ierarhi Church - Detail

Founded by the ruler Vasile Lupu, the church was erected between 1637 and 1639, in the Moldavian capital, in honor of three saints (Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus and John Chrysostom), and was blessed by Bishop Varlaam.


This church is a real architectural jewel, it became renowned for the extraordinary lacery in stone which adorns the facades, from bottom to the top of the derricks.


Trei Ierarhi-Tule

One can count over 30 non-repeating registers of decorative motives.








Here are the tombs of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Vasile Lupu and Dimitrie Cantemir.


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Photos: Vasile Bouaru

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