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Today’s Memory – Nicolae Grigorescu

Nicolae Grigorescu Self Portrait

Nicolae Grigorescu

15 May 1838, Pitaru, Dambovita – 21 July 1907, Campina, Prahova

Self Portrait

Nicolae Grigorescu was one of the founders of modern Romanian painting. He was also a writer.

Monastery Agapia - Holly TrinityFrom 1848 he trained in Bucharest with various church painters, producing icons and religious mural decorations. These works, which soon attracted attention, were influenced in style by the Viennese classicism widespread in the Romanian principalities in the early 19th century and by the Italian academicism established there after 1850 by Gheorghe Tattarescu. The earliest of his known paintings are in the Church of Saints Constantin and Elena at Băicoi. He subsequently painted a series of icons at Căldărușani (1854-1855), Zamfira (1856-1858) and Agapia (1858-1860) monasteries.

In 1861, Grigorescu left for Paris, where he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts. He also attended the workshop of Sébastien Cornu, where he had as a colleague Pierre-Auguste Renoir. He soon left this workshop and, attracted by the artistic concepts of the Barbizon school, he became the associate of artists such as Jean-François Millet, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Gustave Courbet and Théodore Rousseau.

Ion Andreescu at Barbizon


Fisher Girl at Grandville

Under the influence of the movement, Grigorescu looked for new means of expression and followed the trend of en plein air painting, which was also important in Impressionism.



During the battles at the Grivitsa Strongpoint and Oryahovo, he made drawings and sketches which later used in creating larger-scale works.

The Bugler


As part of the Universal Exposition of Paris (1867), he contributed seven works.

Oxen Car



Portrait of a Girl


Shepherd with Dog


Cheerful Peasant Girl
























Peasant Woman from Muscel


Red Kerchief

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