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Today’s Memory – Ion Țuculescu

Ion Țuculescu

19 May 1910, Craiova – 27 July 1962, Bucharest


Ion Țuculescu was a Romanian expressionist and abstract oil painter, although professionally he worked as a biologist and physician. His artwork became well-known posthumously, when, in the spring of 1965, a major retrospective exhibition revealed him as one of the important post-World War II European modern artists.

Although his artistic talent was becoming appreciated, Țuculescu did not attend a higher-education art school; instead, he went to the Faculty of Natural Sciences within the University of Bucharest, where he would graduate in 1936. In parallel, he also attended the Bucharest Medical University, graduating magna cum laude in 1939.

Dad's girl


He took several trips to Greece, Turkey, Palestine and Egypt, (1930 – 1934). It was during these trips that he retook to painting, being inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes.


Rapeseed field

With the exception of the war period, when he was drafted into the Romanian Army as a combat medic, the practice of medicine did not take up much of his time. Biology had become his second most important interest, and he worked as a scientific researcher within the Romanian Academy.

Landscape at MangaliaAn autodidact in painting, Țuculescu worked intensely after his second debut. Although he was continuously present in the artistic life of the time, his work found almost no response. He had had seven personal exhibitions at the Romanian Athenaeum.

Posthumously, his paintings would be the subject of critical acclaim, and, promoted by figures such as Petru Comarnescu, were the focus of numerous exhibitions inside Romania and abroad.

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În limba română.


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