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Today’s Memory – Ignaz Moscheles1 min read

Ignaz Moscheles

23 May 1794, Prague – 10 March 1870, Leipzig


Ignaz Moscheles was a Bohemian composer and piano virtuoso, whose career after his early years was based initially in London, and later at Leipzig, where he succeeded his friend and sometime pupil Felix Mendelssohn as head of the Conservatoire.

Among his 142 opus numbers, Moscheles wrote a number of symphonic works.

Ignaz Moscheles – Symphony in C-major, Op.81 (1828), Frankfurt State Orchestra, Conductor: Nikos Athinaos

Apart from an overture and a symphony, all are scored for piano and orchestra: eight piano concertos (of which the last has only come down to us in fragmentary form, no orchestral parts having survived) and sets of variations and fantasias on folk songs.

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Ignaz Moscheles – Piano Concerto No. 3 In G Minor Op 58, Philharmonica Hungarica, Conductor: Othmar Maga, Piano: Michael Ponti


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