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Today’s Memory – Ionel Fernic

Ionel Fernic

29 May 1901,Târgoviște – 22 July 1938, Stulpicani


Ionel Fernic was a Romanian composer, writer, aviator (civil pilot) and one of the first Romanian parachutists.

Being a music enthusiast, and passionate about airplanes, Ionel Fernic is guided by his parents to attend a technical faculty, but he eventually decides to go to the National University of Music Bucharest where he is admitted at the drama section with the highest grade average.

His first well known work was the ballad Cruce albă de mesteacăn (White Cross Birchen) and then romances and tangos. His first tango, composed in 1931, was called Minciuna (The Lie).

Minciuna (The Lie) Maria Raducanu & Maxim Belciug

In just a few years, Fernic wrote over 400 romances and songs, many of them local hits for that time.

Iubesc femeia Cristian Vasile, 1933

Since 1927, Fernic published a volume of sketch stories (wrote as a serial which were very successful in Europe), a volume of poems and several children books. He founded also a satirical magazine.

Adio Doamnă

Composer, lyricist Ionel Fernic, Levici Orchestra, interpretation Gion

Fernic graduated the Pilots School in Băneasa (1935) and received a pilot brevet. He also made the first parachute jump in Romania (1936), at an aviation meeting held on the Băneasa Airport in Bucharest.

Ironically, Ionel Fernic lost his life in an aviation accident on a LOT Polish Airlines flight on the Warsaw-Cernauti-Bucharest–Thessaloniki route…

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