The first documentary attestation of Craiova

1 June 1475

Parcul Romanescu Craiova

Craiova is Romania’s 6th largest city and capital of Dolj County, near the east bank of the river Jiu in central Oltenia, at approximately equal distances from the Southern Carpathians (north) and the River Danube (south).

Craiova, which occupied the site of the Dacian and Roman city Pelendava, was formerly the capital of Oltenia. One of the most important geto-dacian settlement of the Craiova aeria (Mofleni zone) was Pelendava, dating since the period 400 – 350 BC as the archaeological findings indicate.

The first document about Craiova was a charter of the ruler Laiota Basarab

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Craiova Aerial View

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