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Today’s Memory – Mediaș

The first documentary mention of Mediaș

3 June 1267

Mediaș (German: Mediasch; Hungarian: Medgyes; Transylvanian Saxon dialect: Medwesch) is the second largest town in Sibiu County, Romania.

The first signs of human communities in the area are thought to be from the middle Neolithic period. According to the tradition, the town was founded in 1146, being so one of the oldest cities in Transylvania.

The city is fortified by the people living in Mediaș and Șeica (1490-1534), after a document signed in 1477 by the king Matthias Corvinus’s office.

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Informații despre prima atestare a Mediașului, în limba română, găsiți în articolul 3 Iunie în istoria României.

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