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Today’s Memory – Henri Coandă

7 - Henri-Coandă-1886-1972

“I imagine a future aircraft, which will take off vertically, fly as usual, and land vertically. This flying machine should have no moving parts. This idea came from the huge power of cyclones”

Henri Coandă

7 June 1886, Bucharest – 25 November 1972, Bucharest


Henri Marie Coandă was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer and builder of an experimental aircraft, the Coanda-1910 described by Coanda in the mid-1950s as the world’s first jet.

Early Jet Plane Inventor Henri Coanda (1967)

He invented a great number of devices, designed a „flying saucer” and discovered the Coandă effect of fluid dynamics. Coandă’s research on the Coandă Effect was of interest post-war and became the basis for several investigations of entrained or augmented flow. A small stream of a high-velocity fluid could be used to generate a greater mass flow, at lower velocity. Although eventually unsuccessful for aircraft propulsion, this effect has been widely used on a smaller scale, from packaging machinery for small pills through to the Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan.

Aerodina lenticular by Henri Coandă

Coandă received the Harry Diamond Laboratories Award at the International Automation Symposium (1965) in New York, an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society (1971), the Award and Grand Gold Medal „Vielles Tiges”, UNESCO Award for Scientific Research and the Medal of French Aeronautics, Order of Merit and Commander ring.

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Henri Coandă’s Biography

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