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Today’s Memory – Tomaso Albinoni

Tomaso Albinoni

8/14 June 1671, Venice – 17 January 1751, Venice


Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni was an Italian composer remembered chiefly for his instrumental music.

The son of a wealthy paper merchant, Albinoni enjoyed independent means. Although he was a fully trained musician, he considered himself an amateur.

Little is known of his life, except for the production of at least 48 of his operas, chiefly at Venice between 1694 and 1741. He also composed many solo cantatas.

The Twelve Concertos, Op.9 The Academy of Ancient Music, conductor Christopher Hogwood

Albinoni published 10 sets of instrumental works, which achieved wide popularity in his own day and are still appreciated today (Johann Sebastian Bach based four of his own keyboard fugues on themes composed by Albinoni).

Trio sonata No. 8 in B minor Parnassi Musici, 2001

His instrumental works consist mostly of sonatas, concertos, and sinfonias for various instruments. Especially notable are the Sinfonie e Concerti a 5 (Opus 2, 1700), the Concerti for strings (Opus 5, 1707), and the Concerti for one and two oboes in Opus 7 and Opus 9. These works are distinguished above all by their melodic charm.

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