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Today’s Memory – Alexandru Giugaru

Alexandru Giugaru

23 June 1897, Huși – 15 March 1986, Bucharest


Alexandru Giugaru was a Romanian stage and film actor.

Giugaru began his stage career in 1916 after graduating from the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Bucharest, Romania.

After performing on various stages in Romania – including the National Theatre in Bucharest – he made the transition to film in 1925’s.

Glume, Petiții și Scrisori boeme – Umor cu Alexandru Giugaru

Between 1925 and his retirement from the film industry in 1968, he appeared in over twenty films.

Carlo Goldoni – Bădăranii

His last film role before retirement was in 1968’s Rapirea fecioarelor, directed by Dinu Cocea and starring Toma Caragiu and Marga Barbu.

For his work on stage and film he obtained the title of Emeritus Artist and State Prize in 1964.

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