România frumoasă Today's Memory

Today’s Memory – Romanian Blouse

Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse

24 June

Traditional Romanian Blouse

Celebrating the wonderful traditional Romanian blouse, Ia, promote the Romanian traditional values, history and culture and some of the hidden beauties of this country.

Sewing a Peasant Blouse in Romania

Henri Matisse and the Romanian Blouse  Everyone loves Matisse. Matisse loved Romanian Blouses… So, everyone love Romanian Blouse!

Henri Matisse – Romanian Blouse with Green Sleeves, 1927
Henri Matisse – Romanian Blouse, 1936


Henri Matisse – Small Rumanian Blouse with Foliage, 1937
Henri Matisse – Ie, Romanian Blouse, 1939
Henri Matisse – The Green Romanian Blouse, 1939
Henri Matisse – Le Rêve, 1940
Henri Matisse – Romanian Blouse, Red and Blue Background


The „Ia”, a storyteller for our country Yvette Larsson & Cristina Chiriac


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