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Today’s Memory – Sânziene


24 June


Romanians celebrate the Sânziene Holiday annually, on June 24. This is similar to the Swedish Midsummer holiday, and is believed to be a pagan celebration of the summer solstice in June.

According to the official position of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the customs actually relate to the celebration of Saint John the Baptist’s Nativity, which also happens on June 24. It’s the only pagan feast accepted by Orthodox Church.

Sânzienele – Mândre-s Sânzienele

According to popular beliefs, strange things, both positive and negative, may happen to a person wandering alone on Sânziene night.

Sânzienele Maramures

Strange ethereal activities are believed to happen especially in places such as the Băneasa forest (near the capital of Bucharest) or the Baciu forest (near the city of Cluj-Napoca).

TRANSYLVANIA – Noaptea Sânzienelor (Sanziene’s Night)


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