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Today’s Memory – Mireille Mathieu

22 - Mireille-Mathieu-b.-1946

Mireille Mathieu

born 22 July 1946, Avignon


Mireille Mathieu is a French singer. She has recorded over 1200 songs in 11 languages, with more than 125 million albums and 55 million singles sold worldwide.

Mireille Mathieu Copenhagen Concert 1973

Mathieu began her career by participating in an annual singing contest in Avignon called On Chante dans mon Quartier (We sing in my Neighborhood).

Mireille Mathieu – Je t’aime avec ma peau (1978)

Although the popularity of Mathieu’s genre has suffered, given the domination of Rock and Roll and the global lack of interest in non-English popular music during her most profitable years, she remained a popular artist in France and other countries.

Mireille Mathieu – L’enfant que je n’ai jamais eu (1988)

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