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Today’s Memory – Michael Haydn – Amintirea de azi

14 - Michael-Haydn-1737-1806

Michael Haydn

14 September 1737, Rohrau – 10 August 1806


Johann Michael Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Classical period, one of the most accomplished composers of church music in the later 18th century. He was the younger brother of Joseph Haydn.

Like his brother, Michael Haydn became a choirboy at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, receiving his early musical instruction there. He was dismissed from the choir school when his voice broke, and he then earned a precarious living as a freelance musician. In 1757 he became kapellmeister to the bishop of Oradea (now, Romania), and in 1762 he became concertmaster to the archbishop of Salzburg. He remained in Salzburg as concertmaster for the rest of his life and succeeded Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as cathedral organist in 1781.

Missa in Honorem Sancti Cyrilli et Methodii (1758) • Orchestra Camerata Novisoliensis & Canzona Neosolium Banska Bystrica, Conductor: Pavol Tužinský

During his lifetime Michael Haydn was considered a better composer of church music than his brother. Of the many masses he wrote, Missa a due cori (also known as Missa Hispanica; 1786) is an outstanding work for orchestra and vocal soloists, and his Requiem of 1771 influenced Mozart’s own famous Requiem of 1791. Haydn also wrote numerous symphonies, divertimenti, and other secular compositions.

Requiem C minor • Finnische Radio Sinfonieorchester, Conductor Andres Mustonen

He was an intimate friend of Mozart (who wrote his violin-viola duos to fulfill a commission Haydn was too ill to complete) and was a teacher of Carl Maria von Weber.

Double Concerto in C major for Organ, Viola and Strings, MH 41, Perger 55

After his death, Haydn’s reputation suffered a long eclipse, and it was not until after World War II that his merit was again recognized.

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Michael Haydn – Symphony No. 28 in C major, Perger 19 • Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Bohdan Warchal

***** [În română] *****

Michael Haydn

14 septembrie 1737, Rohrau, Austria – 10 august 1806, Salzburg, Austria


Michael Haydn a fost un compozitor austriac, fratele compozitorului Joseph Haydn.

La fel ca fratele său Joseph, a cântat în corul de copii al Catedralei Sfântul Ștefan din Viena. În anul 1757 a fost angajat ca violonist, apoi domcapelmaistru al Catedralei din Oradea, de episcopul Adam Patachich.

În anul 1762, a fost chemat de arhiepiscopul Sigismund von Schrattenbach la Salzburg, unde a fost angajat hofmusicus și concertmeister (muzician de curte și maestru de concerte).

În 1782 Haydn a devenit succesorul lui Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ca organist al Bisericii Sfânta Treime din Salzburg, apoi responsabil pentru muzica din Catedrala din Salzburg. A fost prieten cu Mozart, cei doi stimându-se reciproc.

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Michael Haydn – Symphony No.5 in A major, Perger 3 • Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Bohdan Warchal



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