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Today’s Memory – Rembrandt Bugatti

RembarandtBugatti - Rembarandt Bugatti 1884 1916

Rembrandt Bugatti

16 October 1884, Milan – 8 January 1916, Paris


Rembrandt Bugatti was an Italian sculptor, known primarily for his bronze sculptures of wildlife subjects.

Bugatti did small maquettes of lions, fauns, hippos and pelicans, working in the early years of the 20th century. They are roughly, rather sinuously moulded, a bit like a Rodin if Rodin had done animals; sometimes they are somewhat stylised, Assyrian looking, and toward the end of his career he would get out a palette knife and chop up the flanks of his panthers and bears into angular shapes.

Cow Head Turning, 1901
Camel and Elephant, 1904
Walking Panther, 1904
Hippopotame Ballant, 1905
My Dachshund, 1905

Bugatti’s love of nature led to him spending a great deal of time in the wildlife sanctuary near the Jardin des Plantes in Paris or at the Antwerp Zoo where he studied the features and movement of exotic animals. His sculptures of animals such as elephants, panthers and lions became his most valuable and popular works.

Three Pelicans, 1906
Giraffe, 1907
Elephant, 1908
Camel, 1910
Papio Hamadryas (baboo), 1910
Two Leopards Walking, 1911

The silver elephant mascot that sits on top of the radiator of the Bugatti Royale was cast from one of Rembrandt’s original sculptures.

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Rembrandt Bugatti At The Zoo In Antwerp, 1910Rembrandt Bugatti

16 octombrie 1884, Milan – 8 ianuarie 1916, Paris


Rembrandt Bugatti a fost un sculptor italian, cunoscut în primul rând pentru sculpturile sale din bronz cu subiecte din fauna sălbatică. A făcut mici machete de lei, hipopotami și pelicani, lucrând în primii ani ai secolului XX.

Dragostea lui Bugatti pentru natură l-a determinat să petreacă mult timp în sanctuarul de animale sălbatice de la Jardin des Plantes din Paris sau la Grădina Zoologică din Anvers, unde a studiat trăsăturile și mișcarea animalelor exotice.

Standing Boy, 1906

Elefantul de argint, mascota care se află deasupra automobiluluilui Bugatti Royale a fost una dintre sculpturile originale ale lui Rembrandt Bugatti.


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