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Today’s Memory – Maya Plisetskaya – Amintirea de azi

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Maya Plisetskaya

Ма́йя Миха́йловна Плисе́цкая; 20 November 1925, Moscow – 2 May 2015, München


Maya Mikhaylovna Plisetskaya was a Soviet-born ballet dancer, choreographer, ballet director, and actress, who held Spanish and Lithuanian citizenship. Plisetskaya studied ballet from age nine and first performed at the Bolshoi Theatre when she was eleven. She joined the Bolshoi Ballet company when she was eighteen, quickly rising to become their leading soloist. In 1960 she became prima ballerina assoluta of the Bolshoi.

As a member of the Bolshoi until 1990, her skill as a dancer changed the world of ballet, setting a higher standard for ballerinas both in terms of technical brilliance and dramatic presence. As a soloist, Plisetskaya created a number of leading roles, including Moiseyev’s Spartacus (1958), Grigorovich’s The Stone Flower (1959), Aurora in Grigorovich’s The Sleeping Beauty (1963), Alberto Alonso’s Carmen Suite (1967), written especially for her, and Maurice Bejart’s Isadora (1976).

The Sleeping Beauty (1963) Solo from Act 1

Among her most acclaimed roles was Odette-Odile in Swan Lake (1947). Her husband, composer Rodion Shchedrin, wrote the scores to a number of her ballets.

Swan Lake (Film, 1957)

Having become an international superstar and a continuous box office hit throughout the world, Plisetskaya was treated by the Soviet Union as a favored cultural emissary.

Beginning in 1994, she presided over the annual international ballet competitions, called Maya, and in 1996 she was named President of the Imperial Russian Ballet.

Anna Karenina (1967) • Maya Plisetskaya in the role of  Betsy (Trailer)

In 1991 she published her autobiography, I, Maya Plisetskaya.

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Maurice Béjart’s Bolero in the performance of brilliant Maya Plisetskaya (1975)


***** [În română] *****

Maia Plisețkaia

Ма́йя Миха́йловна Плисе́цкая; 20 noiembrie 1925, Moscova – 2 mai 2015, München

Maia Plisețkaia a fost balerină, regizoare de balet, coregrafă și actriță rusă, considerată cea mai bună balerină rusă și una din cele mai bune balerine ale secolului al XX-lea. A provenit, pe linie maternă, dintr-o familie cu tradiție în domeniul baletului.

Din în anul 1960 a preluat titlul de prima ballerina assoluta a Teatrulul Bolșoi.

Maya Plisetskaya – Swan

Pe lângă cariera în balet, Maia Plisețkaia a jucat în filme și a scris memorii. A fost căsătorită cu compozitorul rus Rodion Șcedrin.

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Maya Plisetskaya in Don Quixote


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