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Today’s Memory – Dimitri Mitropoulos

1 - Dimitri-Mitropoulos-1896-1960

Dimitri Mitropoulos

March 1, 1896, Athens – November 2, 1960

Dimitri Mitropoulos was a Greek conductor, pianist, and composer. He received international fame, in the classical music world, both as a major conductor and composer of the 20th century. He was musically precocious, demonstrating his abilities at an early age.

Greek Sonata Part 4, 1920

At a 1930 concert with the Berlin Philharmonic, he played the solo part of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and conducted the orchestra from the keyboard, becoming one of the first modern musicians to do so.

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Dimitri Mitropoulos plays Piano & conducts Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto no.3


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