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Today’s Memory – Florian Leopold Gassmann

Florian Leopold Gassmann (1729-1774) Engraving By Johann BalzerFlorian Leopold Gassmann

3 May 1729, Brüx, Bohemia – 21 January 1774, Vienna


Florian Leopold Gassmann was a Bohemian opera composer of the transitional period between the baroque and classical eras. He was one of the principal composers of dramma giocoso immediately before Mozart.

From 1757 until 1762, he wrote an opera every year for the carnival season in Venice, and was also appointed choirmaster in the girls’ conservatory in Venice in 1757. Many of the librettos he set were by the renowned Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni.

Florian Leopold Gassmann – Ouvertüre aus L’Amore Artigiano (1767)

In 1771, he founded the Tonkünstler-Societät (Society of Musical Artists), which was the first group in Vienna to give concerts for the general public, and for the benefit of its members’ widows and orphans. He wrote his oratorio La Betulia liberata for that purpose.

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Florian Leopold Gassmann – Requiem in C minor (1774)


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