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Today’s Memory – Isadora Duncan

Movements are as eloquent as words

Isadora Duncan

May 27, 1877, San Francisco, California – September 14, 1927, Nice, France


Angela Isadora Duncan was an American interpretive dancer. She was one of the founders of free expressionist dance, often employing long flowing costume, based on that of Ancient Greece. Her private life was notoriously Bohemian and scandalous.

Isadora Duncan of Film

By the age of 6 Isadora was teaching neighborhood children to wave their arms, and by 10 she had developed a new „system” of dance with her sister Elizabeth, based on improvisation and interpretation. With her mother as accompanist and her sister as partner, Isadora taught dance and performed for the San Francisco aristocracy.

She rejected the conventions of classical ballet and based her technique on natural rhythms and movement inspired by ancient Greece, dancing barefoot in a tunic without tights. Enjoying little success in the U.S., she moved to Europe in 1898. She toured Europe, giving recitals to great acclaim throughout her life and earning notoriety for her liberated unconventionality, and she founded several dance schools.

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