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Today’s Memory – Liona Boyd

11 - Liona-Boyd-b.-1949

Liona Boyd

born in 11 July 1949, London


Liona Maria Carolynne Boyd is a Canadian classical guitarist, composer, songwriter and singer. Boyd was born in London, moved to Canada with her parents when she was eight years old and became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 1975. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Following a diagnosis of musician’s focal dystonia after the release of Camino Latino, Boyd was compelled to change how she plays guitar. She reinvented herself by developing her songwriting and singing skills and playing less demanding guitar arrangements.

Liona Boyd – Parranda

In 1975, after her New York debut at Carnegie Recital Hall, Andrés Segovia wrote a prescient message on a card and passed it to Boyd: „Through your beauty and talent you will conquer the public, philharmonic or not.”


Boyd appeared on the cover of The Canadian magazine in 1975. In the story she was referred to as „The First Lady of the Guitar„, a sobriquet that she has been identified with ever since.

Liona Boyd plays a Tribute to Canada


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