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Today’s Memory – Ștefan Popa Popa’s

tefanPopaPopas - Stefan Popa Popas

Ștefan Popa Popa’s

born 11 June 1955, Caransebeș

Ștefan Popa Popa’s is a Romanian cartoonist, famous worldwide for his rapidity to draw cartoons with humor, great sharp ideas and a suggestive force. He holds a Guinness World Record for being the fastest drawer in the world.

All his cartoons have been praised and have been awarded many prizes such as The First Prize from Japan (1980), Huriviet Vafki (Istanbul, Turkey 1983), The Medal of The Fine Art’s Academy from Moscow (1987), The Medal of the Cartoon’s Museum from Warsaw (1987), La Marianne (Sainte-Esteve, France 1990), The Best of the World for portrait, China (2002), The First Prize to Roumasier-Loubert (2003), The Golden Smile (Belgrade, Serbia 2006).

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