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Today’s Memory – Mircea Tiberian

Mircea TiberianMircea Tiberian

born May 4, 1955 in Cluj


Mircea Tiberian is a jazz musician and professor of music at the National University of Music in Bucharest. He coordinates the Jazz Department, which he set up in 1991.

Tiberian spent his childhood and adolescence in Sibiu, where he made his debut at the International Jazz Festival in 1974. He holds a doctorate in music. He currently lives in Bucharest.

So Simple Live, 2013

He has performed the world over with such musicians as Larry Coryell, Tomasz Stanko, Herb Robertson, John Betsch, Ed Shuller, Nicholas Simion, Adam Pieronczyk, Maurice de Martin, Theo Jörgensmann and the Romanians Johnny Răducanu, Aura Urziceanu, Anca Parghel and Dan Mândrilă.

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Concert Mircea Tiberian & Nadia Trohin

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